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Sep 29, 2020


A real teacher

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I have read for several weeks as many have voiced concern about the direction of Lee's Summit School district, namely the actions of our new superintendent, Dr. Buck.

I've heard some of those concerns be the target of such attacks and retorts such as, "Are you a real teacher? Where do you teach?" How you treated that person is the number one reason you will never see a real teacher like me posting in a public forum.

If the actions of Dr Buck and the school board have not revealed their true motivation to you, then nothing I say could ever change your mind. When Dr Buck didn't like the bright line established by the health department, he decided to change it. Then when it was determined they still didn't hit, he ignored the gating and the recommendations of the health department, and decided to open anyways.

Virtual instructors were called to teach inside the building so that they could be used as stopgap measures for sick teachers and other duties as assigned. Office personnel are used in the same fashion. You can deny reality, but it doesn't change it.


I want to apologize in advance for any typographical or grammatical errors, I am using voice to text in the interest of time. If you're only response to my argument is to nitpick typos, I'm going to assume you have nothing to say.


We have seen 300 individuals quarantine, 30 infections, and the whole PLMS football team under quarantine - and it's the first two weeks of school.


Be kind to one another. Realize that many people have different challenges in their lives. Realize that teachers are being squeezed between an incapable and unprepared admin with an agenda and the needs of students. The admin squandered the summer and left us all up the creek without a paddle.


Extend grace to everyone you see.




A Real Teacher



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