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Teachers aren't First Responders

Aug 11, 2020


In the Classroom

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First- teachers are educators, not babysitters, not counselors, not peacekeepers, and certainly NOT health care professionals. Our expertise is education on a particular subject matter for a specific age group of people. We do not expect nurses to come to school to teach calculus. We do not ask doctors to see 25 patients in one room all at once. They don't work that way! We help as much as we are able, and because we have been so giving as a profession for so long, the general public has become accustomed to thinking of teachers as NOTHING IMPORTANT and something to be WALKED UPON. We are NOT doormats.


Second- we are teachers, but most of us are also parents and we have parents, too. We do not have ready access to medical-grade PPE. We do not have the training to keep all safe confidently. We cannot just order our own tests. WE DON'T KNOW IF IT'S ALLERGIES OR COVID! We do not have big mansions in which we can isolate ourselves from the rest of our families. We do not employ full time housekeepers to handle things safely. We are teachers. We educate kids. That is what we are paid to do.


Third- just because you "voted" for in-person school does not mean you got a vote on how to run any aspect of this district. That questionnaire was a parent survey for the school district to determine how many kids would be in school buildings and how much online curriculum they would need to prioritize. They needed to know if it were even possible to allow for in-person school AND follow safety guidance. YOU do not have the authority nor the expertise to decide the health and safety for an entire school district, the students and staff.


Fourth- you are utterly hypocritical. You have been ignoring the safety guidelines all summer. You let your kids get together and go to parties. And all of a sudden you are worried about their mental health? They aren't isolated and YOU KNOW IT! You already let them do whatever they want. You already let them hide their symptoms and infect others. You already put others at risk with your sense of entitlement. I am sure that, should YOUR kids be forced upon you at home, you will survive. I am sure that, should you have to be around your kids all day, you'll continue to break the safety rules which force our positivity percentages on an ever upward trend. Are you too stupid to recognize that it is this cavalier behavior which has forced us into the position we are currently in to begin with?! Hey moron - stay the F home! Read a book. For once. And, just as information, the health department weighs ALL public health risks for the entire community. They are the experts - NOT YOU. You cannot just wish this away. GROW UP!


Fifth- OPEN A BOOK! For the love of all that is holy, please, read some history. LEARN something. Pandemics are not new. We've learned what we need to do - shut up and do it. STOP WHINING! And, please, if you are not a scientist or mathematician of some sort then stop pretending you are an authority on any of it. YOU ARE NOT! You don't get to make life and death decisions with my life and the lives of those I care about. Who the hell do you think you are?


If you can't find your way through this GLOBAL PANDEMIC without gaining an understanding of the greater good/bigger picture then how you will ever teach your children survival skills and creativity? This shitty parenting is beyond comprehension. You are not the great example that you truly think you are!


In any case, please, do us all a favor - get a grip and shut up! Try to comprehend that this is NOT all about YOU and YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE! Please - do us all a favor and enroll your children in private school. Anything. Just stay the hell away from me and mine you absolute waste of space.

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