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Oct 17, 2020


In the Classroom

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An Open Note to the Superintendent hiring committee. Why would you hire a person who would consistently put his own ego and political agenda over the needs of the (greater) community (not just the vocal, angry squeaky wheels), and The safety of the students and staff?! Why would you hire someone with no experience with running a district as large as ours? Why would you hire someone who has no experience in communicating professionally with families instead of sending personal emails about school information with parents who write to complain? Why would you hire someone who seems to show a lack of understanding or regard for our community and for community spread? Why do You consistently hire OUTSIDE of our district for a leader? It seems the greater indignation is that we are led by a group of people who are anti-staff and pro-let’s look good to everyone outside of the district.

Central Office, Administration

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