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Normalizing covid

Sep 12, 2020


Are you kidding

In the Classroom

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Y'all, they're gonna do a dashboard of covid cases. You do realize they are trying to normalize infections and get you to accept it as a daily, acceptable occurrence. They want you to think that risking your life is no big deal and get you conditioned to outbreaks. Everyone needs to be asking themselves how much longer will they out up with this? How many of us (teachers) have to die before we say enough? Why aren't we mobilizing like other states? Then, when you don't want to risk your life or the lives of your loved ones, they want to charge you $6,000. Unbelievable. No temperature checks, not plexiglass, just thoughts and prayers.

You haven't seen anything yet, wait until flu season starts. Is it coronavirus? The flu? A cold? Allergies? This is insane. Don't even get me started on R7OA. The curriculum was written by a college drop outs who maybe took a 6 hour class on Weebly. These people couldn't make a good website using GoDaddy, let alone put together a cohesive, effective curriculum.

Friends, it's time to fight back.


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