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Sep 1, 2020


In the Classroom

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It is 9:30 pm and I am in tears. I am stilll working after school since 4:00 pm. I am working diligently to record videos for my students, upload assignments and social emotional lessons to ensure my students are ok. I am working this evening as our days are filled with meetings and trainings that do not allow me to work on curriculum. Therefore, I am forced to do so on my own time.

I know that some of my colleagues are ok with going back to school and I completely support that. But I also know that some of my colleagues have major health issues and medical exemptions from doctors have been flatly denied by our district...even after they promised our board of education that teachers would be able to apply for online or telecommute. This is not true. Teachers are quitting. Good teachers leaving the profession they love.

Teachers are being mandated to teach live or recorded video every hour resulting in students sitting at a computer for 7 hours a day. Teachers have no problem teaching 7 hours a day but to ask a student to engage in front of a computer 7 hours a day? I am so sorry.

Parents, please understand that every single teacher in every single building will be logging into Schoology on September 8th. We will be requesting that every student in the district log on first hour September 8th to Schoology or Google Meets. When the system crashes or becomes bogged down, please do not blame your teachers. We are working so hard and so many of my friends have been in tears, frustrated with administrative policy that it is making it unbearable.

Please give teachers grace...we will persevere and meet your child where they are. ~tired, frustrated, disheartened teacher

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