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Sep 1, 2020


In the Classroom

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We’ve had little to no meetings since week one. The teachers in my building have had full days to work on curriculum and instruction. Attempts are being made to protect teachers wishing to not be in front of students but some of those attempts put great hardships on other members of the staff. Hardships that cause other teachers to have to teach 7 of 7 hours with only a break for lunch. Hardships that give teachers 4 and 5 peeps some of which are new when we are already dealing with a difficult situation. Hardships that make class sizes larger and thus making those who feel ok as long as social distancing can happen - no longer ok because our classes would be huge. There is a domino effect that happens when a teacher is pulled from the classroom. Budgets have been cut - not all positions will be rehired if people choose to leave.

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