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District denying accommodations

Aug 26, 2020


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LSR7 is summarily denying accommodations submitted by teachers. Some teachers signed up to teach virtually to protect their health, only to find out they would be forced in building. The children in attendance have 100x the viral load as adults. The blanket denial of ADA requests WILL result in additional civil litigation against the district. Teachers who have weakened immune systems from autoimmune and cancer, mental health, etc. Notice how Buck bristled when Fritchie questioned him last night? There's a reason for that. They withheld information from teachers so teachers would be forced to resign under contract. This will result in permanent blemishes on their records and thousands of dollars in penalties. That was the plan all along. Fritchie brought it up because she was tipped off, and she wanted to give Buck a chance to come clean. The district can't defend their denial of the ADA accommodation requests. Further, the 64 classrooms being taken up by virtual teachers could be used to pull down class sizes.

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