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...so what happens?

Aug 28, 2020


In the Classroom

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LSR7 policy right now is to make staff quarantine even if they haven't tested positive. They are not being allowed to work virtually and avoid using the time away in case they actually get sick. When this happens during the school year, who teaches the virtual classes? Are all of the other staff members going to be asked to cover for those teachers? Are parents going to be happy when their virtual classes have no teacher for 2 weeks, no feedback for 2 weeks? Subs do not have training in online teaching. We were told we get the first 10 days covered through CARES but after that we will have to use our PDO or EFMLA. If we are out of PDO and have to use FMLA, we will be docked time toward retirement and have to either pay that back or work an entire year longer. This, even, when we are FORCED to quarantine.


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