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Will KC Area Schools ReOpen?

Updated: Jul 22

The spring 2020 school closures due to the COVID-19 global pandemic were difficult for everyone. At this point, districts have had much more time to develop re-entry plans for school this fall. However, during an uncontrolled pandemic, it is an understatement to say that local reopening plans are fluid.

School reopening plans are simple!

No one can be sure about how to move forward. Most aspects of planning documents are up for modification at a moment's notice, including the start date for classes. However, the plans do have a lot in common. Most districts are offering in-person or online options. Some also offer a hybrid model of the two options. And some districts have already decided that they will only offer virtual school because it is just too dangerous to bring kids and teachers back into the buildings. All districts are relying heavily on local health department officials to make difficult decisions regarding quarantine, contact tracing, and building closures.

To see how your district compares to others in the area, we have created a simple table indicating which options each district seems to be offering at this time. You may also click on the links in the table to get more information on each plan. Note that this table is forever marked as DRAFT and many school districts' websites are a bit out of date for the latest information.

LSR7+Insider will attempt to keep track of area school district plans for reopening. Circumstances are changing each day, so we'll need your help! If you see we need to update a school district - let us know what has changed!! Contact us directly at or through our Facebook Page.

For more information about the COVID-19 global pandemic, check out our repository of links here.

Social distancing, sanitizer, and masks, oh my!

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