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Superintendent: The Finalists

As you know, the names of the four candidates selected for final interviews were released by LSR7. You can see the press release here. Let's start getting to know these finalists!

To begin the candidate comparison, LSR7+Insider has searched LinkedIn public profiles to dig a little deeper into these four candidates. Just two of the four finalists appear to have a readily available public profile. See slider below for information found on Dr. Buck and Dr. Spurgeon.

Dr. Spurgeon, Superintendent in Riverview Gardens School District:

Dr. Buck, Superintendent in Wright City R-II School District:

If any of the four finalists provide LSR7+Insider with additional credentials, this article will be amended with information provided.

To compare the candidates using the aforementioned information, LSR7+Insider drafted the following table which can be downloaded here.

In order to better understand and compare each candidates' respective school districts, the slider below provides public report card data from the Missouri and Nebraska state education websites. Each school district snapshot is depicted with comparison to their respective states on three slides in the following order:

  • LSR7 (~18,000 students, 26 public schools including 3 high schools with 1 alternative high school)

  • Riverview Gardens (~5300 students, 13 public schools including 1 high school)

  • Wright City (~1650 students, 5 public schools including 1 high school)

  • Norfolk, NE (~4450 students, 11 public schools including 1 high school)

Based on this information, it appears that LSR7 is vastly different from the other districts. It will be important for interviewers to ask each candidate how they will learn to handle a district that is many times larger and much different, both academically and financially, to their current districts.

You can also see state guidance for superintendent evaluation here in our previous post.

LSR7+Insider will provide additional information on candidates as it is obtained. In the meantime, what questions do you have for each of the candidates?

Let the Board of Education know what you think before their interviews begin in January.