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MSBA Guidance on Returning to School

The Missouri School Board Association has released a 97-page document designed to provide guidance to Missouri school districts as preparations are made for the reopening of school buildings. The guidance is based on recommendations from federal and state resources and includes suggestions for school districts in the following areas:

  1. Governance

  2. Communications

  3. Physical Plant

  4. Nurse/Health Personnel

  5. Academic

  6. Social and Emotional Health

  7. Fiscal

  8. Human Resources

Numerous recommendations are included in the guidance, such as:

  • scheduling of grade levels to attend school on alternating days;

  • considering year-round school;

  • the use of distance learning in higher grades;

  • modifying and/or canceling PE, choir, band, orchestra, and other larger classes;

  • eliminating assemblies, library time and the use of the media center;

  • moving classes outside;

  • implementing home-room stay where students remain in one room and teachers rotate classrooms;

  • discourage attendance awards; and

  • canceling or revising extracurricular activities, such as sports.

  • increasing bussing and/or bus stops in order to provide for greater social distancing. Encouraging kids to walk or ride bikes to school and/or parents to drive kids to school;

  • eliminating employment contracts where they aren't required by law;

  • closing schools for several days each time a COVID-19 case is reported in that building's population.

  • quarantining entire families who have been exposed to the virus.

These are just a sampling of the suggested practices provided in the guidance document. The Association says they will revise the recommendations as new information is made available.

The full document can be found here.