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A return to professionalism, expertise, and maturity was on display at the LSR7 board meeting last night.

Compared to the last several years of leadership, the men and women representing their respective school district departments and the board member oversight from the dais provided a refreshing change of pace. As a result, all stakeholders left the meeting with the confidence of better times to come, reminiscent of great leaders of the district's past.

In an impressive four-hour board meeting on August 6th, Superintendent Dr. Buck provided the leadership and competence sorely needed in the district. His team of presenters was prepared and confident, providing unprecedented detail in the planning/work completed over the past months for a seamless return to school this fall. Dr. Buck allowed each department head center stage, showing incredible deference and respect, while also demonstrating a granular understanding of the challenges each department faces including problem-solving in progress. There was no grandstanding at any time during the presentations and Q&A. Dr. Buck and his team appear to understand that this is not about them - it's about the district's kids and families.

Board President, Ryan Murdock, makes it look easy to run a board meeting with respect, efficiency, and competence making the last few years of dramatics seem like the blip we all hope they are. It is clear that this team of members are united and take their role of oversight seriously. The questions were good. The board is strong. Members are competent and appear well-versed in plans presented. The members complement each other quite well. Again, no grandstanding was on display.

These are serious times, requiring serious leaders. It seems we may have finally found ourselves the people we need so that we can return to the proud district from which we've strayed these past years. Time will tell.

For now, it is with sincere gratitude that we thank:

Dr. David Buck, LSR7 Superintendent (speaks at the beginning & throughout the meeting)

Dr. Eric Flack, Executive Direction of Curriculum (T~21:31)

Dr. Patrick Shelton, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education (T~25:21)

Dr. Don Andrews, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education (T~46:05)

Kyle Pace, Director of Instructional Technology (T~1:11:05)

Dr. Christy Barger, Assistant Superintendent of Equity & Student Services (T~1:16:05)

Dr. Staci Mathes, Executive Director of Special Services (T~1:21:44)

Dr. Rexanne Hill, Executive Director of Student Support (T~1:39:14)

Dr. Kevin Whaley, Executive Director of Technology (T~1:58:37)

Teri Hansen, RN Coordinator (T~2:21:20)

Kyle Gorrell, LSR7 Facilities Director (T~2:43:15)

Christa Battaglia, Purchasing & Distribution Services Coordinator (T~2:48:20)

Lori Danella, Nutrition Services Director (T~2:55:52)

Keith Henry, Director of Transportation (T~3:00:38)

Dawn Butler & her dept rep, BASS (T~3:07:40)

Dr. Kephart

Dr. Miller

Katy Bergen

Linda Ismert

Parents and Teachers engaging in this process.

Ryan Murdock

Kim Fritchie

Judy Hedrick

Kathy Campbell

Megan Marshall

Julie Doane

Mike Allen