LSR7+Insider Article

LSR7 ain't so bad

Recently, LSR7+Insider collected opinions via polls - unscientifically, without controls for sample size, etc. The main takeaway from these polls is that many people in this community want to cheat to change the headlines.

And why is that? Will taking a poll over and over or pretending to be a teacher or a student actually change the reality of the situation in which they find themselves?

No - it won't.

So, what do these people gain from lying and cheating? The feeling of righteous indignation with lots of company? The instant gratification of "winning" or being a part of the majority? The trouble is that it's fake. At some point, reality finds its way to the top. Which means it really doesn't matter what you think. The world will keep spinning even if you think it's flat.

As we go into the holiday season, Americans usually like to consider gratitude. This year, it seems that our community is anything but grateful. In fact, many would-be leaders encourage division and hate. They are mean, even cruel, and they feel it is their right to behave in this way as if it is noble. It is not noble.

And meanwhile, our district continues to operate because it has to operate for our children. In the middle of a global pandemic with all that goes along with that on top of a troubled electorate, LSR7 is still planning what they can do for our kids.

Today, LSR7 sent information out to families about how they can get food for their kids while in-person school is canceled. The LSR7 staff is working out ideas to keep in contact with kids who may be isolated at home or have special needs. Teachers are, again, transitioning their content for virtual learning.

Think of that and ask yourself what you are doing to help your family, friends, community.

LSR7 is not an outlier in the country or even the state. We are typical. Average. The school board members are not bad people, yet some of you call them evil. The administration, the teachers, the unions, the parents, the community - we are not enemies. If we decide to be enemies, we will only hurt the ones we are trying to help.

So consider - are you making things better or worse in a very bad situation? Are you providing a calm, stable environment for your children? Are you helping families with first responders or single parents or the elderly? What can you do to make things better, or at least not make things worse?

  • Can you at least be grateful that you have access to meals and clean water?

  • Can you at least be grateful that you have clothing and shelter?

  • Can you be grateful that you do not have to worry much about bullets shooting your children as they sleep?

  • Can you be grateful that your school district will give you access to the internet and the technology to benefit from it?

  • How about being grateful that you can take a walk outside whenever you want or that you have somewhere to go for help if you need it?

  • What about being grateful that you have plenty of coffee and toilet paper and Tylenol?

  • What about pie? Can you at least be grateful for pumpkin pie?

For one week, try being grateful. Show your kids that they still have it pretty good because LSR7 ain't so bad. In fact, things could be a lot worse.