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CFMP: The Communication Plan

The Insider Team will be providing information related to the Lee's Summit R-7 School District (LSR7) Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) in a number of installments to support a better community understanding of the processes followed to complete this work. This is the third installment.


The CFMP execution was a big job, and communication with all stakeholders was key to

its success. If you have ever wondered how Kelly Wachel, the previous LSR7 communications director, managed it all, your wait is over.

LSR7 CFMP communication plan cover

The cover email distributing the link to the communication plan is left.

The actual communication plan can be viewed below. ↓

No doubt, a big job! It seems to beg the question: how much had LSR7 decided ahead of time? Many places in the communication plan emphasize the importance of communicating the blank slate that the district was starting with, including the talking points provided to principals:

  • What an opportunity for us to engage our community in the conversation about the future of our schools.

  • We welcome you to provide input and feedback during our CFMP process.

  • Please refer to our FAQs, background sheet and information card for specific information about our engagement series and surveys.

  • Remember, we have no preconceived notions about our plans and that’s why we need your input!

  • The CFMP webpage is a great resource if you’d like to follow the process and look at presentation materials as they’re available. The webpage is

  • There are opportunities for you to engage with us through our engagement series in-person conversations, online surveys and contact us link at

  • While I might not have the exact answer you are looking for, we hope to find the answers together through this process. And again point them to our webpage and contact us form.

Though the plan was to reassure the public that their input was important, it is clear that the district did not take direction for boundaries based on input received from the community. Regardless of what was intended and what ultimately occurred, it is fascinating to see behind the curtain!